AOKI PLANNING CORPORATION is a company established in 1997 for domestic logistics market in Yokohama, Japan.

We have 40-years-experienced logistics professional who will provide all logistics-related services.

Communication in English is also okay. Please consult anything.

You can use all the know-how related to logistics from small lots to large lots.

We can eliminate the waste of logistics costs. It is possible to reduce management costs.

Business content Distribution processing(Packing, Sticker, Shrink, Envelope,,, etc.)
Delivery business
Storage business
Logistics material sales business
International Logistics

〇Example  of business flow

Company Profile

2-9-23, Sachiura, Yokohama Shi Kanazawa Ku, Kanagawa Ken, 236-0003, Japan

EstablishedJanuary 21st, 1997
Number of employees30 people (including part-time job)
CEOHiroshi Aoki
Business contentsPacking industry, for warehouse, etc.

Our effectiveness

◇◇◇―――― 1 ――――◇◇◇

By outsourcing delivery business to us,
 it`s possible to significantly reduce costs.

◇◇◇――――★ ――――◇◇◇

Even for small lot that is difficult to obtain merits, 
you can improve efficiency in collaboration with other businesses by us.

◇◇◇―――― 3 ――――◇◇◇

You can leave all work related to logistics to us, All logistics activities can be outsourced.

CEO Greetings

We are trying to build a logistics system that pursues 『quality』, 『time』 and 『cost』 for long time.

Human-friendly logistics is the form of our logistics.

I would like to help you as much as possible. Please feel free to contact us.




Business content

Distribution processing(Packing, Sticker, Shrink, Envelope,,, etc.)

〇Delivery business

  • Charter delivery
We offer chartered delivery for the whole country.
We will select and arrange a vehicle suitable for the quantity.

  • Nationwide small-lot delivery (From 1pcs)
We have a contract with a major transport company, so we can meet all your needs.
(Major partners: Sagawa Express, Yamato Transport, etc.)

〇Warehousing, storage business.

It is possible to store from a carton unit.

Inventory control. Picking work.

Material sales business

We provide any materials related to packaging at a low price by joint purchase with other companies.

Example: Printed matter, decorated box, Carton, cushioning material, tapes, etc.

International Logistics

Please feel free to contact us regarding logistics arrangements for import / export and overseas business.

Experienced staff will respond.